Healthcare’s Only Integrated Identity and Access Management

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Efficiency in an Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Health systems are facing incredible pressure to improve patient care and reduce costs while protecting patient data and privacy. Managing identity and access to help achieve these goals is extremely challenging because change is constant in healthcare. Mergers and acquisitions are frequent, there's an ever increasing volume of health IT systems, new partners to collaborate with and new cybersecurity threats that are emerging. In order to succeed today and prepare for future change, health systems need integrated identity and access management.

Designed and built exclusively for healthcare for over 15 years, Caradigm offers the only integrated identity and access management solution that reduces security and compliance risk while also improving clinical and IT operational efficiency. Caradigm enables organizations to take a proactive and automated approach to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) that also saves clinicians and IT many unnecessary hours every year.

User Identity Governance

Minimize the potential for unauthorized access using role-based access control and enforce user access policies through attestation workflows.

Clinical Access Auditing

Present an aggregate view of which patient records were accessed by which users, from what applications and workstations giving you a centralized repository to audit all patient record access events across your organization.

Patient Context Management

Close the security gap in your organization with Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management, and ensure that you maintain patient context across clinical applications.

Executive GRC Dashboard

Provide a powerful GRC analytics dashboard that combines user identity and clinical access data from integrated Caradigm IAM and external data sources, which enables proactive and faster assessment of security threats as well as faster remediation.

Attestation, Reporting and Compliance

Simplify attestation, reporting and compliance through pre-built reports as well as through self-service auditing capabilities that lets compliance officers and privileged users create ad-hoc reports that can be customized without IT intervention.

EPCS Compliance

Streamline your clinical workflow for Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) via two-factor authentication including fingerprint biometrics, RSA SecurID tokens and Duo Security.

Single Sign-On

Enable clinicians to use a single set of credentials, entered once per session, and multi-factor authentication in an integrated clinical workstation.

Context Management

Maintain patient context across applications, allowing automatic access to the right patient record as clinicians move from system to system, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Offer a broad range of innovative and convenient multi-factor authentication methods—including tap badges, smartcards, and fingerprint biometrics.

Automated Role-Based Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Replace the burdensome, slow, and error-prone challenges of manually administering user accounts for clinical and non-clinical systems with an integrated, centralized and automated role-based solution.

Clinical Application Integration

Leverage Caradigm’s extensive clinical and business application library, allowing connectors to be created for hundreds of applications from vendors such as Epic, Cerner, GE, and McKesson.

Self-Service Password Management

Empower users to reset their enterprise password without having to call the helpdesk, which reduces IT resource usage and frustration from clinical users.