Identity and Access Management

Clinical and IT Efficiency

IT departments face a perfect storm in their efforts to manage access to applications and data: 1) a growing number of clinical, productivity and mobile applications 2) massive and ever-expanding volumes of data 3) a dynamic workforce and 4) the shift to collaborative care that spans the continuum. Providing timely access to the applications caregivers need drives clinical efficiency and can impact the patient experience and outcomes. On the other hand, access has to be appropriate as regulatory changes require greater vigilance in protecting the privacy of patient information. Even more importantly, you need a comprehensive way to monitor patient privacy, identify access risk, and meet compliance requirements. Caradigm offers the only integrated IAM solution that addresses the operational challenges of access to healthcare clinical applications and protects you from increasing security and compliance risk, all while saving you precious time.

Clinical and IT Efficiency Features:
Single Sign-On

Enable your clinicians to use a single set of credentials – entered once per session – and multi-factor authentication in an integrated clinical workstation with Caradigm Single Sign-On.

Context Management

Maintain patient context across applications with Context Management, allowing automatic access to the right patient record as clinicians move from system to system.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Combine security and convenience with Caradigm’s Multi-Factor Authentication, offering a broad range of innovative and convenient multi-factor authentication methods — including tap badges, smartcards, and fingerprint biometrics.

Automated Role-Based Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Replace the burdensome, slow, and error-prone challenges of manually administering user accounts for clinical and non-clinical systems. Uniquely designed for healthcare, Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management enables your organization to easily and automatically manage user accounts for access to clinical applications and data.

Clinical Application Integration

Improve your clinical interoperability with Bridge Studio, allowing connectors to be created for your existing applications or leverage Caradigm’s extensive clinical and business application library from vendors such as Epic, Cerner, GE, and McKesson.

Self-Service Password Management

Minimize your team’s password management pains with self-service password management, allowing account and password information to be effortlessly harmonized and securely updated as needed.