Executive GRC Dashboard

With the healthcare industry being increasingly targeted by cyber-attackers, compliance officers and IT managers need more advanced tools to protect against patient privacy breaches. Tools must provide proactive risk mitigation and streamline workflows to enable faster remediation in order to prevent unauthorized access to clinical applications and data.

Provisioning Identity Management gives your healthcare organization a powerful Executive GRC dashboard to manage identity and access risk through comprehensive governance, analytics and audit capabilities. With a centralized GRC dashboard, your organization has greater visibility into overall security risk and the ability to remediate in just a few clicks.

A Complete View of Rights and Usage Data

For many organizations, gathering user rights and usage data is a tedious manual process that requires logging into individual applications separately. Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management’s data warehouse automatically aggregates rights and usage data from its integrated Identity and Access Management solution, which is then leveraged in analytics reports visualized on the dashboard (e.g. inconsistent access privileges, mismatched entitlements, and shared accounts reports). With this complete view, organizations can better understand user behavior across the population, remediate faster and be proactive in defending against unauthorized access. Third-party data sources can also be connected to the data warehouse so that you have a unified and complete view of your organization’s risk profile.

Streamlined Remediation

Not only can analytics can be configured on the dashboard to identify potential access risks, the dashboard enables streamlined remediation based on the information. With just a few clicks, administrators can temporarily suspend access, adjust rights and entitlements or de-provision accounts across all relevant applications instead of having to go into each application separately.

Role-Based Dashboards

In addition to the Executive GRC dashboard, additional role-based dashboards can be configured to meet the needs of other roles in the organization. Department managers can view their direct report’s access privileges, attest to access settings and request changes or take action themselves if appropriate. Attestation reports can be scheduled and emailed directly into a department manager’s email inbox.