Clinical Access Auditing

Strong monitoring and audit capabilities are critical components of effective clinical access governance. Without them, it can be challenging for organizations to assess risk, identify threats, and perform internal and external audits.

An integral component of Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management, Privacy Auditor provides a consolidated and secure audit database for all of the clinical applications in your environment that monitors user access to clinical applications and patient health records. Privacy Auditor presents an aggregate view of which patient records were accessed by which users, from what applications and workstations. This gives you a centralized repository to audit all user and patient record access events across your organization. Privacy Auditor also greatly reduces the effort required to perform internal and external audits with pre-built reports to support your compliance efforts for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security and audit requirements. Custom and ad-hoc reports can be created using the data in the SQL Server database.

User access audit data is also leveraged by Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management to identify potential risk areas within your organization. You can report on and proactively mitigate risks such as inconsistent access privileges, mismatched entitlements, and shared accounts.