Healthcare Analytics

Caradigm delivers the business and clinical intelligence to generate insights and drive better decisions.


Caradigm’s healthcare analytics solutions identify and measure outcomes and costs within the complex interactions of the healthcare system. To achieve desired financial results, you must account for every patient in a defined population-those within the health system as well as those outside of it, including the numbers of patients in need of preventive care, post-acute care, and chronic care management. Given this environment with healthcare challenges too vast, resources too few, and patients too numerous, high-touch care management processes must give way to a new approach to patient care.



To support population health, your organization needs analytics that deliver retrospective review, ongoing surveillance and predictive modeling.

  •    Retrospective review delivers performance and activity reporting – including patient attribution utilization,    variation in care, and total cost of care
  •    Current or near real-time reporting supports care management, identifying gaps in care and alerting physicians    and patients for care planning from a population view
  •    With risk stratification and predictive modeling, you can classify patients by health risk to deliver cost-effective    interventions and predict and prevent readmissions

Caradigm offers a number of analytics solutions designed to identify the insights within the complexity of healthcare. Caradigm’s offerings include solutions that report retrospective activity, monitor current activity and predict future activity, as well as provide the tools for root-cause analysis.


Caradigm Quality Improvement ›

Quality Improvement tracks performance on key quality measures - including those for MIPS and the ACO measure sets - and enables workflows to proactively improve performance on them. It includes quality measure computation, performance benchmarking, and quality gaps analysis. Quality Improvement is powered by an Advanced Computation Engine that offers a responsive and effective tool to optimize the reporting of quality measures.


Caradigm Risk Stratification ›

Risk Stratification enables healthcare delivery organizations to identify patients that would benefit from care management or patient outreach. Risk Stratification integrates with Caradigm Care Management, an enterprise care coordination workflow application.


Caradigm Utilization & Financial Analytics ›

Utilization & Financial Analytics enables healthcare delivery organizations to identify and understand opportunities for financial improvement, trend performance and perform comparative analysis, through deep analytics, reporting and performance metrics. UFA leverages aggregated data to provide cross-organization analysis of care delivery and cost trends, and enables users to take action on insights that have been discovered.


Cohort Designer

The Caradigm Intelligence Platform also includes Cohort Designer to define and manage specific groups of individuals. It uses incoming data to identify at-risk patients, facilitate timely interventions and proactively manage those patients, as well as measure results, performance and compliance - identifying areas for improvement.


Caradigm Visual Analytics ›

Caradigm Visual Analytics serves as an intelligence solution designed to help healthcare organizations develop the specific dashboards, reports, charts and graphs needed to drive the decisions and actions that lead to improved clinical outcomes and financial results. It leverages the large amounts of claims and clinical data that are aggregated, from disparate data sources, by the Caradigm Intelligence Platform.