Automated Role-Based Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Healthcare organizations must ensure that each user has only the rights that are needed to do their work, not more and not less. The challenge is that manual provisioning and deprovisioning processes cannot keep up with the constant changes (i.e. new arrivals, departures, role changes) in identities that must be managed within complex healthcare organizations. Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management delivers automated role-based identity management that is a must have today for healthcare organizations.

Role-Based Access Controls

Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management’s role-based access controls (RBAC) enforce access and entitlement policies for your organization. Administrators can enable and control access policies by aligning business operations directly with user roles. This provides a flexible framework for implementing RBAC and ensures new employees consistently obtain the correct entitlements based on their role in your organization.

Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management allows you to efficiently provision and deprovision employees from hospital systems, including the EMR and other sensitive clinical applications, preventing potential breaches in patient privacy. Self-service analytics and delegated administration support personnel allow you to respond more quickly, confidently, and safely to clinician access requests.

Life Cycle Management

As your organization evolves, enterprise roles may change based on fluctuating business conditions. Life Cycle Management allows administrators to adjust role definitions as required and consistently applies updates to all users. Actions include:

  • Add, modify or delete role attributes
  • Add, modify, or delete application entitlements
  • Add, modify, or delete application attributes
  • Enable, disable, or archive roles
  • Track the history of role changes



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