Single Sign-On

Clinical workflows are increasingly complex today with the introduction of more and more applications. Clinicians have to keep track of multiple passwords while also needing to search for the same patient record across various applications. Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management suite is purpose-built for healthcare to simplify clinician workflows. The suite minimizes clicks, simplifies authentication and directs your clinician to the appropriate patient record in seconds across multiple applications. The suite unifies single sign-on, role-based application access, patient context management, multi-factor authentication and centralizes auditing into a fully integrated clinical workstation solution.

Caradigm Single Sign-On (SSO) enables clinical users to spend less time with technology and more time with patients. By eliminating the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, Caradigm SSO allows you to quickly and securely access clinical and business applications, which streamlines clinical workflows and drives EMR adoption.

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Streamlined Access

It’s cumbersome for clinical users to need to remember multiple application passwords, which must be strong and frequently changed in order to meet security best practices. Caradigm SSO increases clinical satisfaction by significantly reducing clicks and eliminating the need to remember or enter application usernames and passwords. Used in healthcare environments around the world, Caradigm SSO can be used with all types of applications, and has been proven to save clinical users hours per week.

Improve clinical workflow efficiency

Solutions that offer only single sign-on capabilities are helpful, but they fall short of addressing the full set of challenges associated with data access. Caradigm SSO and Context Management together offer secure access to patient data, saving clinicians significantly more time than single sign-on solutions alone. Context Management maintains patient context across applications, allowing automatic access to the right patient record as clinicians move from system to system. This saves time and increases accuracy.

Follow Me Desktop

Caradigm SSO's Follow Me Desktop gives care providers fast and easy access to their Citrix, VMware or Hyper-V-based virtual desktops. By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes, Caradigm SSO helps providers obtain information more efficiently, so they can spend more time with patients.

Caradigm SSO provides fast access to virtual desktops that ‘follow’ care providers as they move around a hospital, maintaining the state of their applications as they change locations and devices. This lets organizations leverage virtualization for more efficient care delivery while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.