Self-Service Password Management

IT security policies require strong password-creation rules including complex password requirements and frequent password expiration dates. Coupled with the increasing number of enterprise applications, this makes it difficult for end users to remember all their passwords and for IT departments to support password resetting.

Caradigm Identity and Access Management’s password management capabilities enable self-service password resetting across enterprise systems and applications while enforcing consistent password policies. These capabilities improve service levels and help alleviate IT Help Desk requests and reduce call volumes, allowing IT staff to focus their efforts on higher value activities.

Self-Service Password Management Benefits:

  • Empowers end users to manage passwords
  • Allows uniform enforcement of secure password policies to enhance security
  • Helps to reduce IT help desk call volumes
  • Increases end user service levels

Password Synchronization

Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management also provides synchronization of Active Directory (AD) passwords with a user's non-AD applications. This minimizes the password management challenges for users in absence of a single sign-on solution. Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management adapts the password for an application if that application uses less stringent password rules than AD.