Multi-Factor Authentication

Healthcare organizations today are faced with competing priorities and increasing risk. It is critical to achieve workflow efficiency to ensure your clinical and IT teams have bandwidth to support your organization’s larger goals. Effective authentication solutions for healthcare should offer easy-to-use authentication options for providers, integrate into user workflows to make security transparent, and provide flexible authentication options to meet various workflow requirements and preferences.

With Caradigm Multi-Factor Authentication solution, healthcare organizations can:

  • Manage identity and authentication across enterprise workflows, such as Single Sign-On or electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS)
  • Maintain identity and authentication across clinical workflows, such as document signing, med ordering, etc.
  • Improve security and compliance when users interact with desktops and applications, securing access to patient records and other sensitive information.
  • Replace passwords with convenient authentication methods, such as passive proximity (tap) badges, smartcards, fingerprint biometrics and more.