User Identity Governance

Healthcare organizations can no longer rely on manual processes to control access to clinical and business applications and data in accordance with corporate role policies due to the volume of applications, employees, and non-employed clinicians in healthcare organizations today. Caradigm provides solutions that automate critical user identity governance workflows, such as attestation, remediation and certification, to support corporate GRC strategies and minimize the potential for unauthorized access.

Monitor and manage user activity

Caradigm’s solution provides a complete picture of who has access to what, and what people are doing with that access in near real time. The solution monitors and records all user activity in managed applications. Notifications and automatic remediation rules can be set up to be triggered if corporate policies are violated. For example, if a potential risk is identified, user access can be temporarily suspended from hospital systems, including your EMR and other sensitive clinical applications.

Automate timely changes to access rights

As employees frequently leave or change job functions in your organization, you need to be able to quickly adjust access to business and clinical applications to prevent access to systems employees no longer need to do their job. Caradigm helps organizations automate the assigning and removal of access rights by role across all applications, which reduces the risk of mistakes caused by manual processes.

Demonstrate access governance and compliance

Without Caradigm Provisioning Identity Management, proving compliance to pass an audit can be labor-intensive, complicated, and expensive. Caradigm's solution simplifies attestation and certification workflows and provides you with all the data needed to efficiently prove compliance compliance.