Clinical Application Integration

Building identity management, single sign-on and context management connectors into clinical and business applications is often a time-consuming and expensive process because it requires vendor support. Caradigm’s point-and-click Bridge tools allow customers and partners to build their own connectors into applications, which saves time and lowers costs. With Bridge Studio, users can seamlessly create and test application connectors into any type of application with a wizard-like point-and-click interface. In addition to Bridge Studio, Caradigm’s extensive clinical application library allows quick reuse of Provisioning and Single Sign-On connectors for hundreds of applications from vendors such as Epic, Cerner, GE, and McKesson.

Standards-based Integration

Caradigm's Single Sign-On and Context Management solution allows any clinical application that supports HL7 CCOW (Clinical Context Object Workgroup) standard to plug-and-play for automatic sign-in and patient synchronization across the clinical applications.

Self-Service Toolkit

Bridge Studio empowers IT specialists and clinical application experts to create connectors into clinical or business applications without the need of Caradigm Services and significantly reduces the time required to create application connectors. The application workflows that can be crafted as a part of the development environment include:

  • Single Sign-On Login Automation
  • Identity Creation
  • Identity Modification
  • Identity Deletion
  • Password Reset

Automated Provisioning Workflows

The Bridge Studio developer environment is a visual environment for creating and maintaining automated provisioning workflows. It reduces implementation complexity with a common tool that delivers custom connectors.

Bridge Studio enables IT specialists and clinical application experts to build provisioning sequences by “searchlight,” targeting the source application’s controls. This visual wizard approach enables efficient configuration of the application provisioning attributes and hides the underlying scripting complexity associated with connector development. Bridge Studio supports more complex capabilities including support for conditional workflows and shared sequences.

Bridge Playback

Bridge playback enables an IT specialist to test an application connector while still in development. This allows the IT specialist to debug potential issues in the connector ahead of deployment to the production environment. Users can pass test data to the connector to simulate production transactions. Comprehensive debugging capabilities include step-by-step visual sequence execution, breakpoint pausing, and variable inspection.