Visual Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Develop the data visualizations to uncover insights into your organization.


For healthcare organizations to succeed under value-based reimbursement, they demand information to better manage the health of the patients and populations for which they are responsible. Organizations need to collect a comprehensive set of data from across the care community, and surface that information to provide the business and clinical intelligence that generates insights for action.


Caradigm® Visual Analytics serves as an analytics intelligence solution designed to help healthcare organizations develop the specific dashboards, reports, charts and graphs needed to drive the decisions and actions that lead to improved clinical outcomes and financial results. Healthcare data can reside in a multitude of disparate data sources. Caradigm® Intelligence Platform (CIP) can aggregate this data and combined with other external sources, surface this data through dashboards and reports within Caradigm® Visual Analytics.


Caradigm® Visual Analytics is built on top of the Microsoft Power BI platform. Front-end processing manages the initial connection and authentication process for Power BI. Back-end processing addresses visualizations, user dashboards, datasets, reports, data storage, data connections, data refresh, and other aspects of interacting with the Power BI service.

Visual Analytics will not only enable custom development of visualizations and ad-hoc reports but will also extend the scope of Caradigm’s analytics applications. Leveraging the rich data of CIP and the capabilities of Power BI, Visual Analytics will be a powerful tool for analysts and others to use collaborate, create, and publish business intelligence content.

Embedded Analytics

In addition, Caradigm will embed Power BI services into our analytics applications—Risk Stratification, Quality Improvement, and Utilization & Financial Analytics—to expand the capabilities of those solutions. Caradigm has developed tabular models that enable the use of Power BI for dashboards and reports, and can work with customers as needed to create additional models to meet reporting needs. Visual Analytics can scale-up or scale-out capacity as organizations’ requirements change.

Intelligence Sharing

Users will be able to easily share generated dashboards and reports with others based on their roles in the organization, providing them the information they need for strategic and operational decisions and actions. To promote distribution, Caradigm Visual Analytics doesn’t require per-user licensing for recipients or require a separate login to Power BI to access reports or dashboards.

Data Security

Recognizing the importance of protecting patient data, Visual Analytics will employ a HIPAA-compliant secure deployment model which optimizes security and scalability, and provides an audit of user access.

Sample Dashboard of an ACO Population


How it works



Key Features

  •    Leverages Microsoft Power BI to surface actionable insights derived from massive amounts of claims and clinical    data
  •    Through integration with Caradigm’s Healthcare Analytics applications, you can extend functionality to deliver    business and clinical intelligence
  •    Ability to customize out-of-the box reports and/or develop your own analytic reports, and deploy them within    Caradigm analytics applications
  •    Customized reports can use the rich Caradigm Intelligence Platform data whch include clinical, claims, labs, and    social data as well as data stored in other external sources such as Microsoft Excel or flat files.
  •    Perform ‘What If’ scenarios, using quality measures and operational outcome metrics to see how they impact the    provider gainshare


Key Benefits

  •    Ability to deploy dashboards and reports in days, saving valuable IT resource time
  •    Users can explore data using intuitive, user friendly language and receive answers in the form of chart and graphs
  •    Organizations can scale-up the system capacity as demands increase