Care Coordination & Engagement

Caradigm solutions enable better care-team communication and collaboration that drive improved outcomes for patient populations.


For healthcare organizations to succeed under value-based reimbursement, they demand tools to better manage the health of the patients and populations for which they are responsible. Individuals need to communicate with others regarding the care of patients, while protecting the health information of those patients. For example, members of a care team—case managers, physicians, and others—regularly exchange patient-specific messages.

In a diverse environment such as a clinically integrated network or accountable care organization, non-integrated software solutions make it difficult to ensure that individuals receiving messages do not misidentify one patient for another. Many clinicians must rely on the patient’s name, birth date, and medical record number (MRN) to draw this connection, but this leaves room for error. This additional step is also time consuming and less secure.

Some organizations use an independent email solution such as Microsoft Outlook, in conjunction with third-party software, to encrypt messages containing patient-specific details. These independent solutions typically do not use a virtual private network (VPN), leaving their messages vulnerable to security threats.


Caradigm Messages is HIPAA-compliant and secure, as messages containing protected health information (PHI) are only available within a secure environment.

The solution allows individuals to send patient-specific messages to others within an organization. This message can contain a link to a patient record which enables the recipient to view comprehensive information within a single patient view. The information includes the data aggregated from disparate sources—clinical data from electronic health records, lab systems, etc., and claim or administrative data from payer systems, admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) feeds, etc. This enables the recipient(s) to see a fuller picture of the patients and their care.

Caradigm Messages includes the necessary functions for effective communications—replying to sender and others, and forwarding to additional recipient(s).

In addition, Caradigm Messages can send recipients an email notification of new messages. This notification email is free of protected health information (PHI)—even in a non-HIPAA compliant email account.

Sample Caradigm Messages Screen


Key Features & Benefits

  •    Users can send messages to one or more recipient(s) within the same organization.
  •    Users can include a link that enables the recipient(s) to access the patient’s record.
  •    Recipients can receive a protected health information (PHI)-free notification email of messages sent to them.
  •    Recipients can easily navigate from the notification email to the Caradigm Messages application.
  •    Users can filter the list of messages in the application.
  •    Users have the options to reply to the sender, reply to the sender and other recipient(s), or forward the message to    additional recipient(s).
  •    Organizations can configure which trusted email domains can receive notification emails, to avoid sending these    emails to unsafe or unexpected addresses.