Learning @ Caradigm

Effective employee training programs can have a direct impact on the quality of care delivered to patients. Ongoing and consistent continuing education efforts as an essential part of operations are proven to help improve staff morale, motivate employees, and increase customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive and unique collection of training tools and resources designed to make learning a powerful and fun endeavor that maximizes knowledge gathering and minimizes administrative effort.

Online Training

The Caradigm® Customer Portal is a learning environment providing access to online courses to assist in developing your knowledge about Caradigm products. Learning content is provided in various formats, including just-in-time eLearning, as well as technical documentation in a searchable online format. Learning content is based on the standard product, and designed to provide you the foundation you need to implementation your Caradigm solution. A summary of the learning content that is available in the Customer Portal includes:

eLearning Introduction Courses

eLearning Introduction courses are video-based overview courses that familiarize new users with fundamental scenarios and/or workflows applied to each specific product.

eLearning Bites

eLearning Bites are on-demand microlearning videos (an average of 7 minutes or less). These short videos can help users accelerate their learning of Caradigm products and be more informed during the analysis phase of the implementation.

Users are also able to use eLearning Bites to refresh their knowledge. eLearning Bites are targeted to cover one singular objective or task to help users learn exactly what they need to address specific knowledge gaps and apply it right away. Users can finish the course, learn the information they need, and then go back to the task they were initially performing after finishing the course. Just-in-time learning keeps keeping your employees up-to-date on the latest skills required to best utilize the Caradigm® system.

Technical and Product Documentation

Technical documents provide technical information and instructions to configure and manage the Caradigm products they have invested in. Examples of technical documentation include:

  •    Operations Guides
  •    Developer Guides
  •    Configuration Guides
  •    What’s New (in each release)

Instructor Led Training

Caradigm provides training to support the initial implementation of our applications. Led by subject matter experts, each course is tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of your super users and is made available as an option in your implementation.

Categories of training include:

  •    Super User Full Application Training
  •    Application Module Training
  •    Tooling Training

Each training is coordinated by the Caradigm Project Manager during the implementation planning phase.