Knowledge Hub

Care Coordination & Engagement

Caradigm solutions enable care team collaboration and increased patient adherence that drive improved outcomes for patient populations.


Access to comprehensive patient data within clinical workflows remains a challenge for many healthcare organizations. The ability to show real-time data and information, e.g. care plans, from other sources alongside a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) helps provide a more holistic view of the patient. With this combined view of information, physicians can make better-informed decisions at the point of care and close care gaps efficiently while still in the presence of the patient.


Caradigm Knowledge Hub, is an application that surfaces actionable information from other Caradigm applications within Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and dynamically synchronizes patient context. With a shared longitudinal view of the patient, care can be better coordinated between physicians and other care team members.


How it works



Key Features

  •    A “collapsed mode” view that displays patient identifiers and a configurable scorecard of up to four clinically    relevant metrics for the patient
  •    An “expanded mode” view that provides a configurable layout and collapsible widgets for clinically relevant metrics
  •    A community-wide longitudinal patient record
  •    Dynamic synchronization of patient context
  •    Integration with other Caradigm applications such as Care Management, and Quality Improvement


Key Benefits

  •    Provide physicians with additional patient data and analytics not contained in EMRs
  •    Support better-informed clinical decisions at the point-of-care
  •    Increase patient safety and reduce risk of errors through patient context
  •    Help physicians close care gaps efficiently while still in presence of the patient
  •    Flexibility to configure information to an organization’s specific needs.