Caradigm Intelligence Platform

Data Control

Caradigm provides a powerful and flexible platform that can help build the data foundation needed to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic healthcare environment and meet your interoperability needs.


Aggregation, normalization and surfacing of clinical, operational and financial data from different source systems - EHRs, billing systems, payers, pharmacy systems, labs and HIEs, etc. - coupled with the need for timely information at the point of care, has long been a challenge for healthcare organizations.

Source systems typically store data in Industry standard formats such as HL7, X12, CCDA, CSV, XML, flat files, and more. Healthcare organizations need robust solution to gather the data from these disparate systems and accommodate the various format to build comprehensive health-information records for the patients and populations they serve.

Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP) shields users from the complexities of data aggregation while making the information available for them to perform their jobs. CIP aggregates data from across the community then shreds and parses that data into pre-built healthcare data entities such as diagnoses, medications and allergies, using common terminologies from vocabulary standards such as SNOMED, LOINC, CPT, ICD, RxNorm, and HCPCS. CIP employs virtual schemas after the data is abstracted so data can be surfaced in end-user applications. A robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) framework is provided to allow customer defined roles to be setup protecting un-authorized access to Caradigm applications and data.

Cohort Designer

Managing patient populations can be challenging for healthcare organizations because data is often stored in systems that require a technical IT analyst to access and perform analysis. It can take days or weeks for IT to deliver patient data and analytics to clinical analysts, due to IT backlogs and the time needed to validate and refine requirements. Cohort Designer (CD) is a tool embedded in the Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP) that leverages CIP’s ability to aggregate real-time data from all systems across the community to make information accessible where and when you need it.

CD allows authorized users to securely interact with the CIP data asset. CD provides customers with the ability to generate patient lists based on specific criteria. From lists users can drill down to a single patient’s record, analyze a patient list by applying filters, sorts, and searches based on the available columns within the list view and see column-level statistics indicating the type of data available throughout the list. Patient lists can also be visualized in other Caradigm applications such as the Caradigm Care Management application.

Non-technical clinical and business analysts can use real-time data to identify at-risk patients, facilitate timely interventions and measure outcomes, performance and compliance. Patient cohorts that are defined can present candidates for enrollment into care programs within the integrated Care Management application. The proactive management of these patients can help drive success in population health.

In situations where users want to create reports using a familiar tool like Microsoft Excel. With CIP, you can export data into Microsoft Excel to determine trends, create graphs for presentations, or sort by patient attributes. There are different ways to access list data originating from CIP into Excel. Each method enables the ability to easily create reports and analytics for a given patient cohort using standard functionality in Excel.


How it works




Key Features - CIP

  •    Ingestion and normalization of any data format and source in real time
  •    A healthcare data model that can automate the combining of data sources and structures
  •    Ability to surface data within workflows at the point of care
  •    Integration with out-of-the box population health applications like Caradigm Care Management and, Caradigm    Quality Improvement
  •    Role-based access controls
  •    Software development kit that enables the creation of new applications utilizing CIP


Key Features - Cohort Designer

  •    Patient registries
  •    Real-time surveillance
  •    Drill-down into single and multi-patient level views
  •    Trending to help address outliers
  •    Campaign and program enrollment
  •    Configurable timeline view of patient data


Key Benefits - CIP

  •    Capture and normalize information from across the healthcare community
  •    Enable ingestion of data for ACO measures and comprehensive longitudinal patient records
  •    Support handoffs across the continuum of care


Key Benefits - Cohort Designer

  •    Enhanced clinical workflows
  •    Identification of patients for better internal and external reporting
  •    Prioritization of care
  •    Visualization of key population trends
  •    Improved utilization management
  •    More timely interventions