Caradigm Intelligence Platform

Harness the power of real-time data to gain insight and drive improvements.

The Caradigm® Intelligence Platform helps healthcare organizations transform care through the strategic use of data stored across the healthcare community. The cloud-based Intelligence Platform aggregates and normalizes clinical, operational and financial data from disparate systems—EHRs, billing systems, payers, pharmacy systems, labs, and HIEs—and delivers it to healthcare professionals in real time within their workflows, powering rich analytics capabilities. Healthcare organizations can use this data to gain deep insight into individual patients, populations, performance and processes, and to rapidly identify the actions needed to improve.

The Caradigm Intelligence Platform ingests and manages all healthcare data types. This includes combining and reconciling patient health data from multiple EMRs with claims data and mining clinical data from unstructured notes via natural language processing (NLP). The platform delivers prebuilt interfaces for a breadth of systems, provides sophisticated data normalization and terminology mapping, and easily combines both claims and clinical data. The data pipeline is optimized for iterative set-up of data feeds; it includes a plug-in framework to handle any data format, including HL7, XML, CSV, CCD, etc. The integrated semantics engine powered by Health Language, the industry leader in healthcare terminology, contributes to increased usability of the ingested data for applications to reuse.


The data asset delivered by the Intelligence Platform also fuels a growing number of innovative healthcare analytics and population health applications targeting healthcare surveillance, disease management, care management and patient engagement. These data-driven solutions enable teams to deliver care according to patient need, coordinate effectively across boundaries, and engage patients as they move from hospital to clinic to home, improving outcomes and managing risk.


The Caradigm Intelligence Platform aggregates and builds a rich data asset that supports a number of capabilities. It integrates with native Caradigm and third-party analytics and business intelligence tools for multi-dimensional analysis, visualization and reporting. It also integrates with Caradigm’s suite of population health applications as well as offers a software development kit, virtual schemas, pre-built SharePoint web parts and Visual Studio controls to support the development of new applications.

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Cohort Designer is a tool embedded in CIP that enables business analysts and clinical data analysts to define populations of interest, configure multi-patient views to visualize key trends for that selected population and design single-patient views to gain an integrated view of a patient’s care across the community.

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Actionable Interoperability

Caradigm Open Exchange achieves ConCert Certification from HIMSS for interoperability.


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ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

Caradigm obtained ISO 27001 certification of the information security management system supporting the cloud-hosted instance of the Caradigm™ Intelligence Platform.