Caradigm Solutions for ACOs

Targeted Solutions for Medicare Accountable Care Organizations

What is an ACO?

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) provide coordinated, high-quality care at lower costs to a defined population of patients. These patients, as members of the ACO, will have better control over their healthcare, and providers will have better information about their patients’ medical history and better relationships with patients’ other providers. When an ACO succeeds in delivering high-quality care and managing utilization, it shares in the savings it achieves.


Needs and Challenges

In order to maximize earnings under the Medicare Shared Saving Program (MSSP) or other programs offered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), ACOs demand IT solutions to manage the clinical and financial risk within their assigned population. These solutions need to be:

Having worked with a number of organizations that have joined or plan to join an ACO, Caradigm understands the specific challenges they face. These challenges include:


Caradigm Solutions for ACOs

Caradigm offers a suite of solutions targeted at Medicare ACOs; the packages are developed to help ACOs manage populations and achieve shared savings, while being offered at price levels appropriate to each ACO’s stage of development.

Three opportunities exist for you to engage patients for better results.

Caradigm® Risk Stratification ACO

Caradigm Risk Stratification ACO stratifies an assigned population of patients using a standard CCLF feed from CMS to compute multi-factorial risk. Organizations can take preventive action on the identified high-risk, high-cost patient by referring them into care management programs or outreach campaigns to drive the patients towards better outcomes.


Caradigm Risk Stratification ACO solution helps Medicare ACOs:

Caradigm® Stratification & Analytics ACO

Caradigm Stratification & Analytics ACO stratifies an assigned population of patients using a standard CCLF feed from CMS to compute multi-factorial risk, as well as tracks utilization patterns by patients and providers. As a result, organizations can take preventive actions to drive the patients toward better clinical and financial outcomes.


Caradigm Stratification & Analytics ACO solution helps Medicare ACOs:

Caradigm® Care Management ACO

Caradigm Care Management ACO enables comprehensive, effective management at a population level and seamless coordination for individual patients. The solution can accept population data to identify new candidates for program enrollment, enable identification and mitigation of potential gaps in care, and enable the consistent delivery of evidence-based care.


Caradigm Care Management ACO solution helps Medicare ACOs:


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