Caradigm Includes Cohort Management Capabilities as Part of Every Implementation

Empowers Clinical Analysts to Manage Patient Populations Without Relying on IT Support

BELLEVUE, WA – Feb. 26, 2015 – Caradigm, the leader in enterprise population health, today announced that it will include Caradigm® Cohort Designer™, a revolutionary tool that simplifies the management of patient populations, as part of every qualified Caradigm Intelligence Platform customer implementation.

Managing patient populations can be a massive challenge for healthcare organizations, since data is typically stored in systems that require a technical IT analyst to access and perform analysis. It can take days, weeks or even months for IT to provide patient data and analytics to clinical analysts because of IT backlogs and the time needed to validate and refine requirements.

Cohort Designer empowers non-technical clinical and business analysts to define, track and manage patient populations without IT support, which creates tremendous efficiencies that lead to faster identification of areas for improvement and prioritizations of care to drive better outcomes. Clinical analysts can access all of the data and analytics they need to manage patient populations in minutes as well as define populations of interest, configure multi-patient views to visualize key trends for that selected population and design single-patient views that provide a comprehensive longitudinal health record spanning encounters across the community.

In order for technology to enable better outcomes, end users must be empowered. As more healthcare organizations seek to improve the health and lower the costs of patient cohorts, innovative tools like Cohort Designer play a critical role in enabling their teams to drive insight into action at a faster pace.Neal Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Caradigm

Cohort Designer is embedded in the Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP), which is Caradigm’s enterprise data warehouse for healthcare. Cohort Designer leverages CIP’s ability to aggregate real-time data from all systems, which enables innovative healthcare use cases. For example, providers can identify a population at risk for readmission or for a particular condition like diabetes, monitor that cohort using real-time data, and intervene with timely interventions.

Cohort Designer is included as a value-added analytics tool in every CIP implementation, which is available immediately.

About Caradigm

Caradigm is a population health company dedicated to helping organizations improve care, reduce costs, and manage risk. Caradigm analytics solutions provide insight into patients, populations, and performance, enabling healthcare organizations to understand their clinical and financial risk and identify the actions needed to address it. Caradigm population health solutions enable teams to deliver the appropriate care to patients through effective coordination and patient engagement, helping to improve outcomes and financial results. The key to Caradigm analytics and population health solutions is a rich set of clinical, operational, and financial data delivered to healthcare professionals within their workflows in real time.

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