Healthcare Providers Turn to Caradigm Identity & Access Management Solutions to Help Meet Compliance and Clinician Efficiency Objectives

Integrated IAM suite designed to address the unique challenges of healthcare organizations

Bellevue, WA – Apr. 24, 2014 – Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to Caradigm™ Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, used by more than 1.2 million healthcare professionals, to meet two growing and potentially conflicting objectives: ensuring clinicians have rapid access to the applications and patient data they need to perform their jobs while managing a growing user population and protecting patient data according to privacy and security regulations.

“Our first priority was providing our clinicians instant ‘tap-and-go’ access to applications and data, but we’re now looking to meet additional needs,” said Colin Stairs, chief information officer at Ontario-based Lakeridge Health. “Working with Caradigm’s IAM products, we’re able to secure the patient record, automate security and provisioning, and aggregate our staff information to allow us to drive further business automation.”

Other healthcare organizations adopting Caradigm IAM solutions to meet efficiency and compliance requirements include South Florida-based Memorial Healthcare System and South Dakota-based Sanford Health.

Designed exclusively for healthcare, Caradigm’s integrated IAM suite helps organizations manage all aspects of identity management – including user administration and governance – as well as the complete lifecycle of user access to applications and patient data.

Working with Caradigm’s IAM products, we’re able to secure the patient record, automate security and provisioning, and aggregate our staff information to allow us to drive further business automation.Colin Stairs, Chief Information Officer at Lakeridge Health

Caradigm™ Provisioning helps protect healthcare organizations from increasing security and compliance risk through role-based management of user identity. Every month, millions of transactions are executed on Caradigm Provisioning systems at mid- and large-scale healthcare providers. By codifying access and entitlement rights for the organization in a central repository, and by managing the creation, modification, and termination of user access to clinical and core systems, Caradigm Provisioning helps organizations protect patient data while giving their clinicians rapid access to the applications and information they need.

Caradigm™ Single Sign-On (SSO) and Caradigm™ Context Management (CM) are designed to give clinicians faster access to healthcare applications and patient data while making it easier for the organization to protect patient privacy and system security. The solutions streamline workflows in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments, automate management of clinical workstations and expedite compliance reporting. One-tap logoffs and timeouts eliminate the need for generic or shared credentials.

Caradigm’s Privacy Auditor software now comes packaged as an integral component of SSO and CM. Designed in response to HIPAA, HITECH and other new regulations, Privacy Auditor captures a comprehensive audit trail that spans clinical and non-clinical applications. It shows which patient records have been accessed by a particular user, which application and workstation were used and when that individual accessed them.

“The exponential growth of healthcare data, increased industry regulations, and the highly dynamic nature of healthcare workforces are factors that are making it much harder for providers to offer their clinicians rapid access to patient information while safeguarding against data privacy and security breaches,” said Jim Campbell, vice president of IAM for Caradigm. “We’re laser focused on helping healthcare organizations manage and control data strategically so that they can meet their efficiency, quality and compliance objectives.”

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