Caradigm Supports Caldicott2 with UK Launch of Clinical IT Solution

Caradigm Provisioning helps healthcare organisations improve clinical efficiency, manage risk

London, UK – 29 July, 2013 – Caradigm has launched its clinical application provisioning solution in the UK. Caradigm Provisioning, the latest module which completes its Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite, has been designed to help healthcare organisations efficiently manage clinician access to applications and data while supporting their compliance with data privacy regulations. The timely introduction of this solution supports the recent publication of the Information Governance Review (Caldicott2), which explains that the sharing of information, when sharing is appropriate, is as important as maintaining confidentiality.

The release of the new provisioning solution represents a milestone in the delivery of advanced role lifecycle management, governance and analytics capabilities for health systems.

“With large and dynamic workforces, health systems and hospitals face a uniquely complex set of challenges related to identity management and data access. All organisations providing health or social care services must have robust information governance processes in place if they are not to fail the people that they exist to serve,” said Richard Craven, VP and managing director, UK and Nordic region for Caradigm. “By focusing exclusively on the healthcare industry, Caradigm is able to deliver sophisticated features out of the box that help healthcare organisations align their processes with national government targets and regulations, and provisioning of patient information and clinical data with speed, while managing risk and protecting staff and the organisation’s reputation.”

Caradigm Provisioning directly responds to the drive for IT efficiency and further supports the information governance principles highlighted by the Caldicott2 report. Caldicott2 was commissioned to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between the protection of patient information and the use and sharing of information to improve patient care. Caradigm’s solution addresses these areas by featuring new role lifecycle management functionality, designed to accelerate the induction and assimilation of new clinicians and the provision of consistent enforcement of application access rights. Administrators can define roles across the organization and assign policies and access rights with specific clinical functions, streamlining the provisioning process and reducing the potential for granting inappropriate access rights. Organization policies, roles, and entitlements are stored centrally in the provisioning system and can be modified as needed. Managers also can use identity analytics to validate that user accounts to ensure access rights are compliant for specified clinical roles.

Caradigm Provisioning is successfully established in the USA and has been implemented into numerous organisations. Linda Hill, Sharp HealthCare, explains that Caradigm Provisioning has “significantly improved identity management for employees and non-employees, enabling us to provision access in one day and assure nurses, doctors and other clinicians that they have the right access to the right applications at the right time.” It is anticipated that demand for the solution in the UK will follow in the same way as the USA.

Information governance is further supported by Caradigm Provisioning’s identity data warehousing system. The system enhances governance and analytics capabilities, facilitating compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements such as Caldicott2. The data warehouse aggregates user, policy and transaction data, enabling auditors or compliance officers to report on user access and entitlements using pre-built or custom reports.

Caradigm’s IAM suite is designed to enable hospital and health systems to more efficiently manage the complete lifecycle of user access to applications and patient data – allowing clinicians and care staff to stay focused on patients rather than technology, reducing the administrative burden of IT, and allowing organisations to more easily comply with government targets and industry regulation.

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