One Million Caregivers Worldwide Using Caradigm™ Identity and Access Management Products for Rapid Access to Patient Data

Caradigm IAM suite for healthcare addresses providers’ comprehensive identity and data access governance needs

BELLEVUE, Wash. – June 5, 2013 – Caradigm™ today announced it has reached a milestone of 1,000,000 individual users of its Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for healthcare. Caradigm’s IAM solutions are designed to enable hospitals and health systems to efficiently manage the complete lifecycle of user access to applications and patient data—allowing caregivers to stay focused on patients rather than technology, reducing the administrative burden of IT, and allowing the organization to more easily comply with industry regulations.

“Identity and access management has never been more challenging as healthcare organizations face the perfect storm: massive and ever-expanding volumes of data, a growing number of clinical, productivity and mobile applications; and the shift toward collaborative care across boundaries,” said Jim Campbell, Vice President of Identity & Access Management, Caradigm. “Providers are searching for complete solutions that make it much easier for IT and caregivers to manage access to data. Caradigm’s IAM suite answers this need.”

Caradigm’s IAM products are used in more than 1,400 hospitals worldwide, including the top three for-profit hospital organizations in the United States, nine children’s hospitals and more than 160 hospitals serving U.S. veterans. Bayfront Health, Iowa Health, Kennedy Health System, and WVU Hospitals are among the most recent organizations to adopt Caradigm’s IAM solutions to improve caregiver efficiency and facilitate compliance with data security and privacy policies.

Caradigm’s IAM suite includes:

  • Caradigm Provisioning is a role-based identity management solution that automatically performs the creation, modification or termination of access in clinical applications. Caradigm Provisioning is designed to improve caregiver satisfaction and clinical outcomes by providing users with quick or same-day access to the right clinical applications when they need them. The product also is designed to help organizations efficiently manage patient information risk and compliance requirements.
  • Caradigm Single Sign-On and Caradigm Context Management* work together to unify single sign-on, role-based application access, patient context management, multi-factor authentication and centralized auditing capabilities into an integrated clinical workstation solution. The solutions, formerly known as Sentillion Vergence for single sign-on and context management, streamline caregivers’ workflow by enabling them to quickly access clinical, enterprise and personal productivity applications without signing on to each application, and by giving them immediate access to the right patient record as they move from application to application.
  • Caradigm Identity and Access Management for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is a single solution designed to enable fast user provisioning and single sign-on for users of Epic, Cerner and GE Centricity EHRs, improving the experience of caregivers while providing chief security officers with controls and visibility to better manage access to protected health information (PHI). Components include access to patient data in the EHR with the tap of an ID badge, automated user provisioning and de-provisioning of the EHR, reporting capabilities to support security audits and compliance requirements, as well as fixed price implementation options.

About Caradigm

Formed by GE Healthcare and Microsoft Corp. in June 2012, Caradigm is a 50–50 joint venture focused on enabling health systems and payers to drive continuous improvements in care. Caradigm software helps healthcare professionals across care settings to use data to gain critical insights, collaborate with each other and with patients, and to develop and implement innovative care solutions. Caradigm products—and applications built by partners to extend these products—give clinicians, administrators and finance teams timely access to key information, helping them to take steps to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, including chronic disease management, preventable hospital readmissions and hospital-acquired conditions, and to advance integrated, accountable care. Caradigm is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. For more information about the company, visit

Caradigm is a trademark of Caradigm USA LLC.

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