Caradigm Launches into UK Healthcare IT Market

Helping healthcare organisations and clinicians improve patient care, drive efficiencies and control costs

London - April 19, 2013 - Caradigm, a joint venture between GE Healthcare and Microsoft, has launched a range of innovative software solutions in the UK, with a mission to help both the NHS and private healthcare organisations meet the challenge of improving the quality and outcomes of care whilst controlling costs.

Caradigm’s solutions give clinicians and managers access to data to help them make strategic decisions about key issues relating to management of patient populations, improving healthcare quality for patients and controlling costs. The Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP) has the ability to aggregate data from different IT systems in near-real time, provide analytics tools for common surveillance and cohort management needs, and create a rich data asset that can be reused to create a broad solution ecosystem for healthcare professionals.

Roy Shubhabrata, Vice President of Product Strategy for EMEA, comments: “The health sector in the UK is in a period of significant change which, along with increasing demand for healthcare services and cost controlling measures, is putting a huge strain on the NHS. Dealing with these changes requires agility and adaptability, and the existing IT systems aren’t enough to deliver insights, and then enable the care teams to translate these insights into actions.”

“Our range of products enables organisations to transform their huge wealth of data into a strategic asset that facilitates collaboration, drives improvement and helps enable management of patients across the care continuum.”

Caradigm’s software solutions in the UK include:

Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP)

The Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP), the next generation of Amalga, is an open, adaptable, powerful, and flexible health intelligence platform that aggregates data from different systems in near-real time with tools that provide analytics and deliver visualisations of the data, a framework to enable rapid development of solutions, and ecosystem where healthcare organisations can acquire and share those solutions.

Identity and Access Management Solutions (IAM)

Caradigm offers a comprehensive range of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. These solutions are designed to help organisations improve clinical efficiency, manage risk, enhance governance and reduce costs, whilst giving healthcare professionals fast access to clinical applications and the ability to get hold of patient information quickly and securely. Initially, Caradigm is offering the following solutions to the UK market and will be making further announcements about any new developments:

Caradigm Single Sign-On and Caradigm Context Management (formerly known as Vergence)

Integrated solutions designed to make it easier for clinicians to get rapid and secure access to the right patient data across multiple applications, helping them improve patient safety, reduce errors and spend more time providing patient care. Caradigm already has an establis references across the UK, and across the world these solutions are benefiting more than one million clinical users on a daily basis.

Caradigm has partnered with two UK specialists - OCSL and Aurionpro SENA to deliver IAM solutions to healthcare organisations in the region. OCSL has used Caradigm’s IAM product in the development of their acceSSOnce solution at Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which, as well as offering SSO and context management, enables clinical users to move between different devices and continue to work where they left off. Iain Mobberley, OCSL Technology Director comments: “OCSL are delighted to be partnering with Caradigm into the healthcare market, where our solutions will bring benefit to both clinicians and patients.”

Mike Nelsey, EMEA MD of Aurionpro SENA (formerly Enline) comments: “As a specialised identity and access management company, Caradigm is a key part of our strategy to expand into the health market. Caradigm’s identity suite is a highly compelling proposition that enables us to deliver patient-level sign on and application context, fully audited, with the ability to manage the joiner-mover-leaver process – all with a single technology. The benefits across clinical, administrative and IT areas make Caradigm the logical choice for all healthcare organisations.”

Seeking new partners

Caradigm is seeking new partners in the UK to extend the Caradigm Intelligence Platform by developing applications designed to tackle specific challenges such as managing hospital re-admissions, emergency care usage and infection control. Caradigm has already engaged partners in the US, including GE Performance Solutions and Get Real Health, to develop Caradigm Intelligence Platfom applications, such as applications to help identify redundant visits to emergency departments and predict capacity resources (beds), and patient engagement applications to track progress for patients on care pathways.

Caradigm was first formed in June 2012 and now employs more than 600 people in the US, Germany, UK and China. The CIP is already in use across 197 hospitals, connecting more than 275 systems and serving the needs of some 37 million patients.

About Caradigm

Formed by GE Healthcare and Microsoft Corp. in June 2012, Caradigm is a 50–50 joint venture focused on enabling health systems and payers to drive continuous improvements in care. Caradigm software helps healthcare professionals across care settings to use data to gain critical insights, collaborate with each other and with patients, and to develop and implement innovative care solutions. Caradigm products—and applications built by partners to extend these products—give clinicians, administrators and finance teams timely access to key information, helping them to take steps to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, including chronic disease management, preventable hospital readmissions and hospital acquired conditions, and to advance integrated, accountable care. Caradigm is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. Caradigm UK is based in London. For more information about the company, visit

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