Caradigm Introduces Portfolio of Healthcare IT Solutions for Integrated, Accountable Care

Continuum Health Partners Selects Caradigm Health IT Solutions as Foundation of Care Coordination and Population Health Strategy

NEW ORLEANS and BELLEVUE, Wash. – March 4, 2013 – Caradigm™, a Microsoft Corp. and GE Healthcare company, today introduced a portfolio of health IT solutions designed to provide healthcare organizations with the broad set of capabilities they need to transition effectively to integrated, accountable care. Being shown at the HIMSS 2013 Conference and Exhibition this week, Caradigm’s health IT portfolio is designed to help healthcare organizations connect systems and aggregate data across the community, gain insight through near real-time analytics, accelerate caregiver access to data, maintain regulatory compliance, and rapidly implement new applications to optimize care quality, costs and revenue, and population health.

Also announced today, Continuum Health Partners, based in New York City, is expanding its use of Caradigm IT solutions as part of a strategy to drive clinical transformation across its enterprise. Continuum Health Partners comprises five distinguished voluntary teaching hospitals including Beth Israel Medical Center, Roosevelt Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, and New York Eye & Ear Infirmary.

Caradigm Health IT Portfolio for Integrated, Accountable Care

“Our solutions address the full spectrum of needs for organizations striving to achieve integrated, accountable care,” said Brandon Savage, chief medical officer and senior vice president of product strategy, Caradigm. “This means not just connecting data across boundaries but allowing extended care teams to collaborate effectively across the continuum to improve the outcomes of individual patients and populations.”

Caradigm’s portfolio of integrated health IT solutions includes:

  • Caradigm Intelligence Platform* – a flexible, cloud-based platform that aggregates and normalizes clinical and financial data spanning the care continuum and serves as the foundation for a new generation of applications for healthcare quality improvement, population health management, and revenue and cost optimization. (*Caradigm Intelligence Platform is the next generation of Amalga. For more information, please see: Caradigm Intelligence Platform Announcement)
  • Caradigm and Partner Applications for Population Health – a growing ecosystem of applications from Caradigm and partners that target a wide range of challenges related to healthcare quality improvement, revenue and cost optimization, and population health – including readmissions management, care management, emergency department utilization, Meaningful Use, clinical surveillance and infection tracking. For more information, please see: Caradigm Intelligence Platform Announcement
  • Caradigm Health Information Exchange – a secure, standards-based infrastructure that connects clinical data from disparate systems to provide near real-time access to comprehensive patient records at the point of care, helping support decisions, drive greater productivity, reduce redundancy and optimize outcomes.
  • Caradigm’s comprehensive suite of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for healthcare is designed to help providers manage the complete lifecycle of user access to applications and data—enabling caregivers to stay focused on patients rather than technology, improving the workload and efficiency of IT and security professionals, and helping the organization to improve patient safety and more easily comply with security and privacy regulations. More than one million individuals are now using Caradigm IAM products. The suite includes:
  • Caradigm Provisioning – a solution that automates the provisioning of user accounts to applications using a role-based management structure.
  • Caradigm Single Sign-On and Caradigm Context Management*– integrated solutions designed to accelerate caregiver access to the right patient data across multiple applications, helping them improve patient safety, reduce errors and spend more time with patients. (*Formerly known as Sentillion Vergence for single sign-on and context management.)
  • Caradigm Identity and Access Management for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) – a single solution designed to enable fast user provisioning and single sign-on for users of Epic, Cerner and GE Centricity EHRs, improving the experience of caregivers while providing chief security officers with the controls and visibility required to manage access to protected health information (PHI). Components include access to patient data in the EHR with the tap of an ID badge, automated user provisioning and de-provisioning of the EHR, reporting capabilities to support security audits and compliance requirements, as well as fixed price implementation options.

Continuum Health Partners Selects Caradigm

As part of its strategy to improve its ability to manage population health, Continuum Health Partners will implement the Caradigm Intelligence Platform and population health applications, including Caradigm Care Management, throughout the enterprise. The Caradigm Intelligence Platform will aggregate and normalize data from systems across the Continuum Health Partners network, helping caregivers of its member institutions—along with community physicians—to coordinate care and gain critical insight about individual patients and patient populations. Caregivers will gain self-service access to health data and analytical tools that help them take steps to improve patient safety, care coordination and clinical quality.

Caradigm Care Management, a population health application being demonstrated at HIMSS and made available later this year, will allow care managers to view all relevant information in one place and see individual patient data in the context of a population to target resources where they’re most needed.

“Expanding our strategic relationship with Caradigm will help us realize our vision for improving population health management and the overall health and wellness of the communities we serve,” said Mark Moroses, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Continuum Health Partners. “Caradigm’s solutions will not only allow us to get more value out of the multiple IT systems we use today across our health system, but also leverage externally sourced data, and use data strategically to improve the quality of care for individual patients and populations.”

“As a leader in collaborative care, Continuum Health Partners has ambitious goals for care coordination and population health,” said Michael Simpson, CEO of Caradigm. “We’re excited to deliver the platform and applications that will help them achieve these goals. And we’re confident that our approach gives Continuum Health Partners the flexibility and tools to address healthcare challenges as they emerge.”

About Caradigm

Formed by GE Healthcare and Microsoft Corp. in June 2012, Caradigm is a 50–50 joint venture focused on enabling health systems and payers to drive continuous improvements in care. Caradigm software helps healthcare professionals across care settings to use data to gain critical insights, collaborate with each other and with patients, and to develop and implement innovative care solutions. Caradigm products—and applications built by partners to extend these products—give clinicians, administrators and finance teams timely access to key information, helping them to take steps to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, including chronic disease management, preventable hospital readmissions and hospital-acquired conditions, and to advance integrated, accountable care. Caradigm is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. For more information about the company, visit


Caradigm is a trademark of Caradigm USA LLC.

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