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Caradigm is an award-winning population health company dedicated to improving patient care, advancing the health of populations and reducing healthcare costs. Its enterprise software portfolio encompasses all capabilities critical to delivering effective population health management, including data control; healthcare analytics; and care coordination and engagement.

Caradigm’s 200+ customers include Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, and University Hospital Zurich. Caradigm solutions are operating in more than 1,500 hospitals worldwide, and connect to over 500 customer systems and to data for more than 175 million patients. In addition, Caradigm’s identity and access management solutions are employed daily by over 1.2 million users, ensuring patient privacy and security by safeguarding access to patient health information. Caradigm serves customers in the UK and Europe, North America, China, Australia and New Zealand. Caradigm UK is based in London, with its global headquarters located in Bellevue, WA, USA.


Solutions for Population Health


The Caradigm® Intelligence Platform delivers pre-built interfaces for a breadth of systems, provides sophisticated data normalisation and terminology mapping, and easily combines clinical data from across the care continuum.

Cohort Designer is a tool to define and manage specific groups of individuals, using incoming data to identify at-risk patients, facilitate timely interventions and to measure results, performance and compliance—identifying areas for improvement.

Readmissions Management identifies patients at highest risk of readmission while still admitted—enabling your clinicians to intervene before discharge—reveals trends among readmission indicators and provides for root-cause analysis.

Quality Improvement tracks performance on key quality measures and enables workflows to proactively improve performance on them.

Care Management is designed to enable collaboration among the care team and coordination across the care continuum to help healthcare organisations ad-dress the needs of integrated care.

The Caradigm® Ward Round application is a mobile application that removes the need for the traditional paper patient record list and supports the daily hospital ward round by helping clinical staff to coordinate care.


Solutions for Identity and Access Management


Provisioning, a role-based identity management solution that automatically creates, modifies, suspends or terminates access to network domains and individual clinical applications.

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides simple and secure access, and enables clinicians to use a single set of credentials for all of their applications.

Context Management maintains patient context across any relevant applications that are opened on the desktop or a mobile device, reducing the need to search for a patient in more than one system.

Lifecycle Role Management enables the creation of new users into the trust’s existing Active Directory and to all relevant clinical applications, using an HR system such as the NHS electronic staff record (ESR) as the trigger.

Clinical Access Governance enables a healthcare organisation to audit, and if necessary modify, appropriate access to patient data and respond to increasing securi-ty and compliance risks by safeguarding patient health information.

Password Management enables password synchronisation across systems and clinical/business applications which support this feature.



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