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    Improve clinical and financial outcomes by rapidly identifying your at-risk and high-utilization patients

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Caradigm® ACO Insights solution helps you succeed

Take the actions necessary to drive shared savings by better understanding your population. Caradigm ACO Insights stratifies an assigned population of patients using a standard CCLF feed from CMS to compute multi-factorial risk, as well as tracks utilization patterns by patients and providers. As a result, organizations can take preventive actions to drive the patients toward better clinical and financial outcomes.


Understand your clinical and financial risk
Understand your clinical and financial risk

Assess your assigned population with multiple risk indicators. Reveal utilization and financial trends and drilldown to perform a detailed analysis. Compare current cost and utilization to benchmarks or internal targets.

Healthcare Analytics
Take proactive interventions on high-risk, high-cost patients

Improve your clinical outcomes and reduce unnecessary, preventable and out-of-network utilization of services. Appropriately allocate care management resources by identifying the patients most in need of those resources.


Healthcare Analytics
Improve quality and savings

Maximize quality scores by identifying the high-risk patients that demand clinical attention. Earn shared savings by identifying potentially high-cost patients early enough to take preventive measures.

Take proactive interventions
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Once your CCLF files are processed, access Caradigm® Risk Stratification (Included Lists: Diabetes, CKD - Chronic Kidney Disease, CHF - Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes + CKD, Inpatient Admissions in the Last 6 Months, Asthma, Complex Conditions, ED Utilization) and Caradigm® Utilization & Financial Analytics (Included Filters: Length of Stay, Admits per Thousand, Post-acute Care, ED Utilization, Readmission, Network Utilization, Network Steerage - Network Leakage, Condition Utilization, Drug Utilization) applications. Our customer lead team will schedule an online training session and ensure you have access to our free online training material.

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