Care Coordination and Management

Caradigm solutions enable care team collaboration and increased patient adherence that drive improved outcomes for patient populations.

Caradigm delivers the functions needed for care coordination and management—the largest and broadest set of capabilities required to support population health. Coordinating care among care teams and providers—those that work together and those in different care settings—with built-in workflow tools is a key contributor to realizing your goals in managing the health of the population for which you are accountable. The cornerstone of Caradigm’s population health application suite, Caradigm® Care Management, integrates evidence-based clinical guidelines into patient-centric care plans to facilitate improved patient outcomes and care efficiency for high-risk patient populations.

The solution proactively analyzes population data, based on input from care providers, to identify new candidates for program enrollment. In addition, it delivers near real-time clinical data to enable identification and mitigation of potential gaps in care, and enables the consistent delivery of evidence-based care.

Care Management was designed to enable collaboration among the care team and coordination across the continuum of care to help healthcare organizations address the needs of population health management. The solution enables comprehensive, effective management at a population level and seamless coordination for individuals by focusing on key capabilities that address the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim – improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare while improving the patient’s experience of care. Care Management presents information to enable timely and appropriate interventions and reduce unnecessary utilization, employs evidence-based care pathways that identify gaps in care to recommend mitigations, and provides tools to develop and collaborate on personalized plans of care.

Caradigm® Condition Management enables healthcare institutions to manage risk, care quality and financial performance for patients with chronic disease or other targeted conditions across the care continuum. This solution offers an initial entry into managing the care of populations and provides visibility to impact prior to entering into risk-bearing agreements. You can Identify and act on gaps in compliance with evidence-based care guidelines, develop interventions to close those gaps, and complete closed-loop reporting to determine impact of the interventions and programs.

The Caradigm portfolio enables the effective coordination and management of healthcare events, leading to higher patient satisfaction and lower overall cost of care. With the support of IT solutions, healthcare organizations can achieve effective population health management.

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